Our small family farm operation is dedicated to providing you the best possible products and service that we can give.
The farm has woodland, prairie, and wetlands which provide us a great farming environment. In addition to the natural vegetation that grows on the farm, variety of trees, bushes, shrubs, plants and flowers, we plant alfalfa, soy beans, buckwheat, and sun flowers.
We believe in keeping our products as pure as nature can make them. We take the extra steps to ensure that our products are harvested in the safest manner without compromising quality and purity of the product. As environment conscientious farmers we are committed to sustainable practices.
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Featured Products
Black oil sunflower seed:
Black oil sunflower is an excellent source of winter nutrition for many species of birds that overwinter in Wisconsin.
Honey products : Pure WI fresh honey. Not filtered. Not heated. No additions.
2 oz. Honey Bear Bottle - $ 2.00
8 oz. Classic Plastic Bottle $ 4.00
12 oz. Honey Bear $ 6.50
16 oz. Classic Plastic Bottle $ 8.00
24 oz. Classic Plastic Bottle $ 12.00
3lb Jug of Honey $ 21.00
5lb Jug of Honey $ 28.00
Other bottling request can be honored such as using a different bottle or bottling in larger quantity up to 5 gallon pails. Contact us to discuss. {Video of VPS advertise honey}
16 oz. Container Creamed Honey - $ 9.00
8 oz. Round Comb Honey $ 8.00
8 oz. Honey Mustard Sauce $ 4.50
Wax: Beautiful yellow and naturally fragrant 100% bees wax
$ 8.00/lb.
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Green Activities
Our yearly family Springtime ritual is to give back to nature – trees –100’s of different variety trees, shrubs, and plants. This also ensures our bees get a great variety of food to forage and gives us a
great tasting honey. It’s a fun activity the whole family enjoys. Our bees and crops are chemical free. We have two dual axis tracking solar panels that provide 50% of electrical power that the farm consumes.
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Community Activities
Community involvement and education is a big priority for us. We are interesting in presenting to a variety of community groups. Contact us so we can discuss how we can help you. In the past we
have had a presence at local area bee keeping classes and the Willy Street Coop Fair. We have presented to local organizations such as girl scouts. We typically sell our honey at the Heritage Mall Farmer's Market in Beaver Dam, WI.
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