Product ____________
Liquid Honey
At Calamus Creek Farms, we produce some of the finest honey in the state of Wisconsin. We are a Wisconsin licensed Food Processor and extract and bottle our honey in our state inspected commercial kitchen facility, making us one of only a few of the hundreds honey producers in the state that do so. All of our staff must successfully complete the ServSafe food handler and manager training program illustrating our commitment to high quality food products.

We minimally process our honey, meaning we do not heat it and only strain it once through a 100 mesh sieve as it leaves the extractor. Our high quality honey starts with the forage we plant for the honeybees and the way we manage our bees. We do not use any chemicals in our hives or chemical treatments on our bees. We never add anything to our honey. We actively participate in the Something Special From Wisconsin program and our products proudly carry the Something Special From Wisconsin branding. Our liquid honey is available in any quantity from 2oz bears up to 5 gallon pails. Contact us for pricing and availability.
Looking for perfect lemon-yellow colored beeswax? Then look no further. Calamus Creek Farms beeswax is rendered only from the wax cappings cut from the honeycombs during honey extraction.
Black oil sunflower seed
Black oil sunflower is an excellent source of winter nutrition for many species of birds that overwinter in Wisconsin. We plant several acres of black oil sunflower seeds as forage for our honeybees as well for the native pollinators in the area such as bumblebees. We do not apply any chemical herbicides or fungicides to our sunflowers. Instead, we rely on crop rotation, cultivation and denser planting to suppress weed growth and limit pest damage.

Available in any quantity from one to fifty pounds it is a winter "must-have" for your bird-feeders.